About Us

WorldSource is MENA’s leading B2B platform. We help manufacturers market their products to distributors, importers, exporters and buyers, while also helping wholesale buyers streamline product discovery and source the best products at the best prices.

World Source B2B platform provides a brilliant opportunity for manufacturers to create their own shops, set their prices and minimum quantities for hundreds of thousands of buyers around the globe.

We are committed to providing a world-class experience for manufacturers with unmatched exposure and enhanced sales success. At WorldSource, brands can build visibility with leading retailers by highlighting key brand information that buyers look for.

WorldSource’s platform allows manufacturers to track their brand’s performance, learn how retailers are viewing brands, and see which products are receiving the most attention. We also provide key industry Insights so that manufacturers see what of their products are driving buyer engagement and build the right business decisions.

About World Source

All manufacturers are verified via our secure verification process while all products listed on WorldSource.me are sourced directly from manufacturers under a rigorous quality control program.

We enjoy years-long relationships with key buyers in all domains who trust worldsource.me with their daily buying decisions. Buyers use our rich yet simple interface to evaluate and compare products with automated artificial-intelligence-based search-and-compare tools.